By process mind I mean an organizing factor – perhaps the organizing factor – that operates both in our personal lives and in the universe.

The process mind is both inside of you and, at the same time, apparently connected to everything you notice.

It is an active, intelligent “space” between the observer and observed.

It is both you and me and the “us” we share.

Arnold Mindell

About Process Mind Center

Salome Schwarz, PhD, Kas Robinson, PhD, and Brooke Noli, MA are trainers, consultants, and counselors dedicated to creating a learning community focused on exploring and practicing Process Mind and Process Work. Process Mind is a dynamic approach to spiritual and psychological growth, eldership, and innovative organizational development. We offer a variety of services including a year-long training, individual workshops, personal consultation, leadership training, and a Portland practice group.

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Upcoming Programs

2015 - Friday July 10th (3pm-6pm), Saturday July 11th (10am-5pm), and Sunday July 12th (9am-4pm) Fee $300

Developing The Inner Teacher: Process Work From The Inside Out

This course is about working more creatively with ourselves and others, at home or at work. We all are potentially wise and creative when approaching challenging or stagnant situations. We will learn awareness skills that allow us to tap into creative insights that are embedded in our experiences, bodies, dreams and imagination. Through guidance from our deep and subtle experiences, we can cultivate our inner teacher and find renewed ways of awakening and getting along with the richness and complexity in ourselves and others.
This workshop is about being inspired by nature, the universe and life force. We will learn how to discover our process as a teacher by exploring and tracking the details of experience in different dimensions, which include the following:
• ProcessMind – a subtle background intelligence
• Dreamland – unnoticed feelings and voices, hopes and fears, unintended communications
• Consensus Reality – the rational and factional issues of everyday life issues

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2015 - Saturday October 24th (10am-5pm) and Sunday October 25th (10am-5pm) Fee $240

Silent Dreaming: How To Lay Down So That Life Can Start Up

Amidst daily pressures and haste it can be challenging to drop down into ourselves and our resourcefulness. We will offer a space and practices to let go and be surprised by new possibilities and an increased sense of effortlessness. As a result we can find an intimacy with the life force and colors of dreaming behind life events and the directions we take.

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2016 - Saturday March 26th (10am-5pm) and Sunday March 27th (10am-5pm) Fee $240

Facilitating Relationships and Communication: The Artistry of Jiving With Signal Awareness and Dreaming

The richness of who we are is bought to life by meeting others. When we weave awareness of inner experiences and diversity into a co-creative dialogue, we enter a discovery process. Through connection with others we can understand more of who and how we are in the world, as well how we help ourselves and others.

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